How to tackle and Treat Teenage and Adult Acne

How to tackle and Treat Teenage and Adult Acne

June is Acne Awareness Month

Did you know Acne is the most common skin condition in the UK and is on the rise? And it’s not just hormonal teenagers suffering, adult acne is also on the rise too!

So What Causes Acne?

Your skin is the biggest living organ in the body and has tiny doors called pores that let certain substances pass out like oil and water and the skin can also accept substances via the pores such as skincare products. When pores become blocked with oil, bacteria, dead skin cells and dirt this is when we may develop a spot. If you get spots often it maybe because of a number of quite complex factors that affect one or more of the above such as:

  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Stress
  • Digestive Issues
  • Poor Diet and nutritional deficiencies
  • Dietary Intolerances
  • Pollution
  • Inadequate Skincare routine
  • Certain Medications
  • Family History
  • Pregnancy
  • Menopause
  • Puberty

Acne can affect the physical appearance and leave scars and blemishes but the real hidden cost is often the emotional and mental health strain it has on many, with acne clients 63% more likely to develop depression compared to non acne clients. Though the type and severity of acne can vary, evidence suggests that any form of acne can cause a person to experience psychological distress.

Types of Acne

White heads and Blackheads are referred to in the dermatological world as comedones and are the most common form of acne. These are caused by sebum coming up through the pores and being trapped under the skin by dead skin cells. The sebum turns black when it is oxidised by the air (also known as blackheads), they are not dirt trapped in the skin like some people think.

Papules are small red raised bumps and are caused by inflamed or infected hair follicles.

Pustules are small red pimples that have pus at their tips.

Nodules are solid often painful lumps that’s develop beneath the skin.

Cysts are the largest lumps that develop deep beneath the skin, contain pus and are usually painful.

A side affect of acne can be hyperpigmentation or dark spots that develop after the spots have cleared, rough and textured skin can also be a factor along with scarring and blemishes following an active acne outbreak.

Tips for Acne Skin

  • Manage stress with good sleep patterns and exercise regularly.
  • Eat a healthy diet and include a rainbow of coloured fruit and veg every day
  • Keep your face clean, cleansing twice a day and using a pre cleanser to remove make up, but avoid harsh scrubs and cleansers
  • Use Mineral Make up to avoid artificial chemicals that can clog the skin further
  • Specialist Facials delivered by a skin health professional using appropriate products for young acne skin can really help to control excess keratinisation that clogs pores and aggravates acne
  • Vitamin A helps maintain healthy skin. It supports the healthy growth of keratinocytes preventing excess keritenisation. It also improves the immune system and can help normalise sebum production, amongst numerous other benefits. High doses of Vitamin A, both oral and topical should always be monitored by a health care professional.
  • Both Vitamin C and Zinc are anti – Inflammatory and help to regulate sebum production and maintain an optimal skin microbiome
  • Probiotics help to maintain a healthy skin biome as well as decrease inflammation
  • Omega 3 fatty acids decrease inflammation throughout the body and in particular in the skin.

So what can we do to help?

Book a skin care consultation to ensure you are supported through your skin care journey to clear, flawless skin.

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Facials that help tackle acne

Top Facials that can definitely help

🌟 Environ Deep Cleansing Cool Peel to treat blackheads and mild acne.

🌟 Environ Blemish Control Cool Peel to treat moderate to sever acne, as well as to treat scarring and blemishes.

🌟 Decléor Clean and Rebalance Facial to treat all acne but very popular with teenage clients due to the gentle, natural but very effective skincare ingredients used in this facial.

🌟 Environ Focus on Even Tone to treat hyperpigmentation caused by acne.

Recommended Products

Decléor Black Clay Cleanser

Cleansing the skin is so important and using the right cleanser for your skin will be an absolute game changer. For teenage or sensitive skin I would highly recommend Decléor Black Clay Cleanser which contains essential oil of Rosemary and is naturally anti-inflamator and naturally calming. Black Clay clears out pores and acts as a magnet to draw out impurities and natural salicylic acid which reduces blackheads and leaves skin super clear. This cleanser does not dry out the skin or strip it in any way and is 98% natural.

Sebu-Wash Gel Cleanser

A more medical grade cleanser with results that speak for themselves, clients notice a visible reduction in spots within a week of using this cleanser. Contains salicylic acid to exfoliate and unclog pores as well as Tea Tree Leaf Oil, a natural antiseptic and anti inflammatory oil.

Vitamin A is a must for clients with acne, both topical and food supplementation. Usually acne clients can tolerate and need high levels or vitamin A and studies have found they are usually Vitamin A deficient.

Contrary to popular belief, using an oil based moisturiser will reduce the amount of oil produced and will help active ingredients generate deeper and more effectively into the skin.

Environ Sebu ACE Oil & Lac Lotion

Contains essential nutrients to feed the skin and help reduce breakouts whilst over time normalising the skins natural production of oil – i.e over time the skin will learn to produce less oil. The Vitamin C will help to repair the skin especially where redness, blemishes and pigmentation have been left and the Vitamin E will nourish and give the skin a smooth radiant glow. 

We also recommend mixing the Sebu ACE oil with a few drops of Environ Sebu Lac Lotion. This contains AHA Lactic Acid Exfoliators as well as moisturising ingredients to soften and smooth the skin, assist in preventing breakouts and target blemishes and textural issues.

Make Up Wearers

It’s really important that you feel confident to cover active breakouts with the correct Makeup that is not going to spread bacteria, clog pores and make your breakouts even worse.

It is equally important that we remove makeup every evening in the correct way to leave the skin squeaky clean and allow it to heal and recover over night.

Jane Iredale Mineral make up is 100% natural and cannot harbour bacteria, its also has the most amazing coverage and leaves skin flawless and beautiful. Jane Iredale has the added bonus of being a skincare make up with skincare ingredients added to every product.

Lots of the products are designed specifically for acne, oily and sensitive skin, are non comodegenic (will not clog the pores) and are free from parabens, talc, phthalates, synthetic fragrance and GMO Ingredients.

Try Jane Iredale BB Mineral Cream a full Coverage foundation available in 9 shades.

Jane Iredale Foundation

Available to purchase in salon

Skin Accumax™

With over 10 years of success Skin Accumax™ supplements from the advanced Nutrition Programme is still the most popular natural opal supplement to treat acne.

“Ive only been takin these for 3 weeks and already I can see a massive difference! So glad I went ahead and bought these!”Becky T Verified Buyer

Skin Clear Biome™

Did you know that over 70% of cells making up the immune system are based in the gut? That means that the key to clear skin could well lie in your gut health!

Maintain your gut health and your skin simultaneously with Skin Clear Biome™ 5 Billion guaranteed live cultures.

If you have any more questions about treating acne please get in touch