Go with your Gut

Go with your Gut

Lorraine Perretta, Head of Nutrition at the Advanced Nutrition Programme, shares her thoughts on why more clients should be embracing the beneficial bacteria, known as probiotics, as part of their daily skin care regimes.

Bacteria has a bad name. We kill these microorganisms with disinfectants and wash them away with anti-bacterial soaps, while hand sanitisers are a permeant resident in any self respecting handbag.

While some strains do pose a risk to our health, others are extremely important for our wellbeing, and their true power has only recently been discovered. They may be microscopic, but beneficial bacteria known as probiotics are big news. Their positive effects on digestion are well known, but a recent surge of research suggests that their powers are far more wide ranging.

Perhaps most relevant for Skin Care Therapists, the scientific community are united in the belief that there is a clear link between a strong presence of beneficial bacteria in the gut and healthy skin. Clients with concerns such as eczema, rosacea, acne and the signs of skin ageing should all be taking probiotics as part of their normal skin care regime.

Beneficial microorganisms exhibit powerful antiaging properties. When we were creating our new Skin Youth Biome supplement, our research showed that the four strains we used in our unique formula increased hydration by 43%, reduced wrinkle depth by 26% and improved skin integrity by 25%. A good balance of bacteria has also been shown to decrease inflammation and protect against free radicle damage. This is just the start who knows what other amazing benefits scientific research will uncover over the coming years!

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